All About Music In Web3: NFTEvening Oceanside #001

Welcome to the world of music in the Web3 era, where the intersection of art, technology, and finance has given rise to a revolutionary new platform for musicians and fans alike. In the monthly Oceanside series, we will take you on a journey through the exciting world of music and NFTs, exploring how Web3 technology is transforming the music industry and creating new opportunities for artists to connect with their fans in ways never before possible.

From the latest trends in music NFTs to interviews with groundbreaking musicians and industry experts, we’ll bring you all the latest news and insights from the bleeding edge of the music industry. So buckle up and get ready to experience the future of music, today!

Welcome to the Oceanside at NFTEvening!

What’s Happening In Web3 Music?


GRAMMY-nominated artist Tycho is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his EP, “The Science of Patterns,” by releasing it digitally through his own Tycho Open Source Community. Fans can join the community to enjoy a seamless Web3 experience. This includes exclusive benefits and creative input in the form of digital goods on the Polygon blockchain. This innovative move paves the way for a new era of fan experience in the digital age.

The Science of Patterns is where it all began, the first Tycho release, available for the first time ever digitally. The release will be the only time the uncompressed audio files will be available for download to date,” adds Tycho. “I had first started experimenting with music in 1999 while working my day job as a designer. A serious injury in 2001 kept me home for several months and I decided to use this as an opportunity to finish my first official release. At the time digital distribution was almost non-existent so I set out to press the EP to compact disc and self-release it. The files you will receive are the original files I sent to the CD manufacturer, completely unaltered and uncompressed.

Jagwar Twin: Hall Of Mirrors Updates

Since we last covered Jagwar Twin, their website has gone through significant changes. Jagwar Twins’ AI companion “SARAVI” has renovated the Hall of Mirrors based on online user data. This also includes their digital wallet interactions. Additionally, all remaining songs from “33” are now mintable inside the website.

Jagwar Twin Hall Of Mirrors Updates

  1. User Interface Enhancements: SARAVI has enhanced its menu system to allow for token-gated links. The user’s Crown and profile are now tightly integrated to create a more interactive and social experience in the Hall of Mirrors.
  2. Artifact Gallery: Unlocked artifacts are now displayed in a filterable grid, and users can quickly navigate within the HoM. It also shows who unlocked each artifact, the time, and categorical information. Plus, users can now input new room unlock codes with ease.
  3. Crown Updates: Crowns are the master key to the Hall of Mirrors and serve as a reflection of a user’s interactions both inside and outside of the HoM. They are free to collect and unlock experiences and items.
  4. Visual Traits: SARAVI has added new visual traits to showcase discovered artifacts and collected music both inside and outside the HoM.
  5. Listening Room: SARAVI has created a new room for HoM explorers to listen to Jagwar Twin’s musical offerings, with the option to collect right from the playlist. HoM crown holders can now listen to Jagwar Twin albums, Artifact songs, and even unreleased tracks, in one place!
  6. Leaderboard: The leaderboard is a test of a user’s skills within the Hall of Mirrors. Making it onto the leaderboard is a testament to one’s abilities.
  7. The Journey: The website offers an overview of the journey to upload Roy’s consciousness to the internet and the experiments that brought it to life.
  8. FAQ: The “Hall of Mirrors for Dummies” FAQ enhances users’ understanding of the Hall of Mirrors and Jagwar Twin’s journey into the world of Web3 experimentation.
  9. Artifact Codes: SARAVI has scattered clues to undiscovered Artifact codes throughout the internet and Jagwar Twin-related social media platforms. Users who uncover these secret codes will be rewarded with an exciting journey and valuable rewards. Happy hunting!

Spotify 3.0: Is It A Good Thing For Web 3.0?

We covered how Spotify is experimenting with web3 and NFT-based playlists. Recently, the brand announced the launch of its 3.0 update. This is a significant step forward for the music company. Though there aren’t many updates to Spotify specifically for web3, it is taking steps further in that direction. The new discovery mode helps newer artists to rise through the ranks. But on the other hand, raises questions regarding artist royalties and payments. Can other web3 music infrastructures compete with this new mode of discovery? Only time will tell.

Spotify 3.0 Updates

Some of the recent updates include:

  • The New Feed: A vertical swipe-to-discover feed for home and music. Unifies all of Spotify’s content verticals in one place, featuring songs, podcasts, audiobooks, and previews of playlists or “talk” content. Content plays as you scroll, and songs feature clips or canvas video.
  • Clips: Creators can now attach 30-second reel-like videos to their songs, with the artist front and center. Spotify’s pitch is that it’s better on a native-music app than TikTok or Instagram.
  • Pre-Save: Fans can now countdown to the release date and pre-save songs or albums. Notifications drop when the release does. This feature is a game-changer for fans and artists alike. Third-party pre-save apps are no longer necessary.
  • Concert Listings: Personalized concert listings are now shown in Now Playing, Home, and Playlists. Fans can add gigs to their personal calendars.
  • Fans First: Spotify is expanding its program, which offers email offers to top listeners, tour pre-sales, and merch exclusives. While it falls short of giving artists direct access to their top fans, it’s the next best option.
  • AI DJ: Spotify’s personalized radio-like DJ, Xavier, provides personalized recommendations and commentary in 5-song blocks. Hit the DJ button to enter a new block of music.
  • Smart Shuffle: Spotify has also updated its shuffle algorithm to play the songs you love more often and avoid repeating songs.
  • Discovery Mode: A new tool that also allows artists to be paid less upfront in exchange for more visibility on the platform.
  • Genre & Mood Hashtags: Users can now also search for songs, albums, and playlists by genre and mood hashtags.

Interesting Find: Crypto Digital Music Museum (Web3/NFT Music)

the Web3 Music Museum in Cryptovoxels

The CRYPTO MUSIC HISTORY Exhibition (2008 – 2022) is a playful exploration of the crypto music movement and its impact on the music industry. The exhibit showcases the movement’s sound, visuals, and philosophy as a music scene, as well as its communities and marketing strategies. The exhibition is curated and designed by Mighty33 and geniuscorp and is based on the work of the entire crypto music community. It is open for anyone interested in learning about the underground story of crypto music, regardless of their familiarity with the movement.

The exhibit is organized chronologically from 2008 to 2022 in a virtual world called Cryptovoxels (Voxels). The digital address of the exhibition is at the geniuscorp record shop (104 Ceres, Ceres Island). The experience is designed with multiple layers of interpretation that invite visitors to explore the deeper layers of the crypto music story. The choice to build the exhibition inside Voxels is symbolic and reflects the exhibit’s mindset. Voxels also provide a space for pioneers to connect and experiment. This is during a time of global lockdowns, allowing them to expand their collective imagination.

The exhibition features the work of several pioneers, including DiGiTAL, Studio Nouveau, MAi, Rare Scrilla, Vandal, Robness, George Howard, NFT42, MVMF, Future Modern, Jokreg, and Xedra (aka Zpl1t). Their contributions make this exhibition possible. Moreover, on the website, there is a 2 hour playlist including all the artists featured on the museum.

Stay tuned for more updates on the pulse of all things web3! Every month come chill with us at the Oceanside!



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