Aislinn Finnegan Northern-Irish/Zambian Illustrating Black Womxn

Aislinn Finnegan is a Northern-Irish/Zambian illustrator that lives in London. She is currently finishing up on a Master’s in History of Art with an African specialisation. With a background in studying Textiles in Practice at MMU 2015-2018, she turned to illustration and digital illustration as she felt that she was able to express herself best as an avid drawer. Her work uses an Afrofuturistic lens to unapologetically place Black womxn at its forefront and center, exploring and celebrating Blackness with various aesthetics and styles that individualise each portrait. This allows her to delve headfirst into topics of race, identity and femininity in order to navigate herself and her work to combat the lack of representation and the imposing of stereotypes of Black womxn in the media and within the art-world.

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