Adidas ‘Unbox The Impossible’ With Its New Web3 Strategy

Adidas Originals, the global brand, recently announced to its Into the Metaverse NFT holders what’s next for the project. In detail, Adidas BAYC, Indigo Hertz announced via Twitter that the next phase of its Web3 journey will commence on November 16, 2022. Holders of the Adidas Originals capsule collection will be able to “UNBOX THE IMPOSSIBLE” in the coming days.

Adidas Originals Into the Metaverse: Capsule Collection. Credit: Open Sea

Here’s all we know about Adidas’ upcoming unboxing

Adidas is making its mark in Web3 in a mysterious yet memorable way through the revealing of its Capsule Collection NFT. Additionally, the content inside the box remains a mystery, but some details have been made available thanks to Indigo Hertz. “WHAT’S NEXT? New look, fresh strategy, a visualization of what’s next is on its way. Over the coming days, the world will see where we are headed with the support of CONFIRMED, adidas Originals and our partners. The future is serious fun,” Hertz Tweeted.

The metadata of the Capsule Collection NFT has evolved and now includes the meaning of Phase 2.  On November 16, the impossible will reveal itself, so that holders can see what has been cooking in the lab. Due to its combination of tangible and digital products, Adidas is undeniably setting the standard for other global brands entering Web3.

About the NFT collection Into the Metaverse

Furthermore, NFT disruptor, gmoney, Punks Comic and the iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club are taking holders on a digital journey. ITM holders will get “exclusive collaborative physical merchandise and ongoing digital utility.” To put it another way, this collection of 30,000 NFTs sold out in December 2021 at .02 eth each. In short, this resulted in Adidas making $22 million USD in an afternoon. To this end, holders have high expectations and after this recent announcement, the anticipation is at its highest.

Adidas Web3 studio
Adidas Web3 studio, including gmoney, Punks Comic, and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Credit: Complex


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