Adidas Just Put Its Bored Ape NFT In Its World Cup Advert

Adidas’ stylish BAYC, Indigo Hertz, made an appearance in the Adidas Fifa World Cup advertisement. The Bored Ape NFT appeared alongside some of the world’s biggest soccer stars. 

Adidas’ BAYC NFT character, Indigo Hertz, appears in the Adidas World Cup advert.

Adidas World Cup advertisement

The brand is coming in hot with its new promotional commercial for the FIFA World Cup. The advertisement includes soccer stars such as Lionel Messi and Karim Benzema and narration by UK-based rapper Stormzy. Further, Indigo Hertz first made its appearance in the commercial on the front of a cereal box named “INDIGOOOOOLS.” The commercial then shows Benzema eating the cereal while Stormzy says, “Karim eats goals for breakfast.”

Adidas advertisement
Indigo Hertz stars in Adidas FIFA World Cup advertisement.

About Indigo Hertz

Adidas purchased Indigo Hertz (BAYC #8774) last year for a total of 46 eth, which was equivalent to $156,000 at the time. The purchase of the blue-haired ape by the sports brand was one of their many bold moves into Web3. By owning this digital asset, Adidas gained full commercial rights, allowing them to use the character for commercial purposes. Moreover, Indigo Hertz plays an active role in the Adidas community. It’s through the BAYC that members get the latest announcements regarding the brand’s Web3 initiatives. In adition, Indigo can be seen playing its role in Adidas Originals latest project “Into the Metaverse.”


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