3D NFT Artist Amy Kilner Launches Disruptive Design House Skyhi

Leading 3D NFT artist Amy Kilner has launched her new venture—a “disruptive” design house called Skyhi. The firm will bring together graphic designers, motion designers, NFT artists, and 3D designers to help Web3 brands tell their stories. At the same time, it functions as a talent representative agency helping creators stand out. 

As Amy Kilner begins her new journey, she spoke to NFT Evening about all things Skyhi.

Amy Kilner is a leading 3D NFT artist.

Who is Amy Kilner?

Based in Sheffield, United Kingdom, Amy Kilner is a 3D NFT artist. Besides, she boasts over a decade of experience working as a graphic designer. Previously, she worked with NYFW, Warner Music, boohoo, and Bombardier Jets, to name but a few. Now, she’s bringing her wealth of experience to Web3’s creative content space. 

“It’s always been a goal of mine to start my own design agency,” Amy Kilner told NFT Evening. “After making the decision to go freelance in January I realised you don’t need to work at a glamorous agency to work with big clients. I’ve taken my learnings from all my roles—the good, bad and ugly—to form my plans for Skyhi.” *

Additionally, the networks she built along the way helped her work with some of the biggest names in the industry. “Throughout my career, I’ve prioritised building trust with my clients—no matter how big or small‚ to always deliver and provide top creative solutions for projects of any scale.” 

And this is exactly what Skyhi promises to deliver. 

What is Skyhi and what does it bring to the Web3 space?

“Skyhi is a dynamic, disruptive design house aiming to bring together and collaborate with talent and brands across disciplines including graphic design, motion design, NFT art, 3D design, and more,” Amy Kilner said.  “We want to create the best standard of work that Web3 really needs, by keeping up with the latest industry tech and trends. We want to keep creating innovative, forward-thinking work for and with like-minded clients as we move into new disciplines within the industry.”

Notably, Skyhi has already signed top figures such as musician and DJ, Fatboy Slim and British entrepreneur, Steven Bartlett. When asked how she feels about this achievement, Kilner said, “Overwhelming, to say the least!”

“I really resonate with Fatboy Slim’s love for creativity and he let me go wild with his project which was a real honour. His brief was: “The Weirder the Better”,” she added. “Working with Steven Bartlett’s team has been a breath of fresh air. They really strive to be the best at what they do and I find it super inspiring.”

However, Kilner clarified that all of Skyhi’s clients will get equal treatment. “At the end of the day, what we create is the same level no matter how many followers you have. I like to let the work do the talking!” 

Design by Amy Kilner's Skyhi
Skyhi aims to disrupt Web3’s creative content space.

Amy Kilner’s inspiration behind launching Skyhi

“Before founding Skyhi, I spent over 10 years working as a traditional graphic designer before moving into digital design,” Amy Kilner said. “Many agencies don’t keep on top of new tech. The Web3 world was the first time that I’d seen something that could completely revolutionise what graphic designers do whilst exploring new skills. It made me realise there was a big gap in the market to create a team of design specialists and artists with a focus on supplying NFT art and content.”

Recognising this gap was the first step in ideating Skyhi. “Seeing big brands and events jump on board has inspired me to want to kickstart Skyhi even more. It seemed like the perfect next step and time to transition from freelance to running a company.”

Today, Skyhi is both a decentralised agency and a design house that collaborates with global talent. “In 5-10 years’ time, I still see it as this. I don’t envisage a big agency with lots of employees but rather a small one that works with leading talent for every project and brief.”

“The long-term vision is to eventually hire talent managers to help with sourcing unparalleled talent across all our disciplines,” Kilner added. “This way,  I can focus on the creative direction of projects whilst still getting involved myself.”

What to expect from Skyhi

Currently, Skyhi is focusing on 3D Access Cards. Besides, the team is working on an “exciting new project” with a major UK artist. Interestingly, Kilner added that the artist is “eager to explore the boundaries of AR.” 

“Moving forward, we also want to work with more new Web3 brands and ones we have worked with previously again, such as Decentraweb,” Amy Kilner further said. “In the next three months, we will explore the creative boundaries of merging reality with new technology, including 3D Art and AR projection. We strive to create the best work. That depends entirely on jumping on whatever trends and tech emerge next.”

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