10KTF Hoodies: Wear Your NFT Love Proudly

After a delay caused by ongoing construction in New Tokyo that left shopkeeper Hideaki struggling to fulfill orders, 10KTF holders have received their highly anticipated hoodies this week, giving them a reason to celebrate. The New Tokyo Electric Company stepped in to ensure that community members could wear their NFT love proudly by ensuring everyone received their merchandise. In this article, we delve into the story behind 10KTF and its founder, digital artisan Wagmi-san, who has created a unique community for NFT collectors.

10KFT Gucci Grail Collection – Gucci
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What is 10KTF?

Operating in New Tokyo, 10KTF has achieved global recognition as a storefront catering to NFT collectors. Its founder, digital artisan Wagmi-san, allows holders from 17 top NFT collections to mint unique digital gear featuring their avatar. As so, these are considered to be highly coveted and among the most sought-after in the world. By building out their collections, holders can participate in BATTLE.TOWN, 10KTF’s PFP event platform. Moreover, they can also gain access to exclusive holder-only events, community spaces, and physical releases. In October 2022, 10KTF opened its online store for physical merch.

Who is Wagmi-san?

Wagmi-san of 10KTF solely creates items for customers possessing parent NFTs, resulting in unique 1 of 1 digital objects that remain one-of-a-kind. This exclusivity adds significant value to these items and, consequently, attracts demand from the NFT community. Nevertheless, the shopkeeper has encountered obstacles despite the success of 10KTF. He is mandated to pay for security to maintain the store’s operation, and following an incident last summer, he is determined not to permit such an occurrence to happen again.

Image of the 10KTF new shop
The new 10KTF shop is open for business.

New Tokyo Electric Company stepped in to help 10KTF

Due to construction-related delays delaying the fulfillment of 10KTF orders, the New Tokyo Electric Company intervened to assist. On January 19th, the NTEC tweeted its commitment to intervene where other companies have fallen short. Consequently, the company worked towards ensuring the prompt delivery of the community’s merchandise. This week, token holders commenced the receipt of their highly anticipated hoodies.



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